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What Essay Ace Clients Are Saying . . .

Jill is THE resource for anyone requiring assistance on college essays. Unselfish with her time, she jumped right in at the 12th hour as my son was up against the EA deadline and struggling to complete a ‘noticeable’ essay. Jill was very professional, accommodating and objective. She was quick to provide great direction to elevate [my son’s] concept while maintaining his voice.  He is 4/4 with acceptances and I accredit much of this to his stellar essay. I can’t recommend Jill and her expertise enough! Thank you, Jill!
— Jackie C.

What Corporate Clients Are Saying . . .

Jill’s passion for the written word shines brightly on every project, whether it’s a just-the-facts brochure or an educational newsletter feature. She has a truly rare ability to cut right to the heart of any type of content and make it better. Jill is a delight to work with — extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled and always willing to meet even the tightest deadline. All that and she’s also kind, warm and funny! I recommend Jill without hesitation for even the toughest editing assignments ... she can handle them!
— Mindy K.

What My Colleagues Are Saying . . .

Jill is an excellent editor and proofreader with a keen eye for even the tiniest details, and she offers extremely useful and constructive critiques. I’ve worked with Jill for more than 20 years, but more importantly, I’ve never hesitated to ask her to proofread my own work. There’s no one I trust more than Jill to preserve my voice while making sure my writing shines.
— Holli F.
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