My Background

Man, have I worked on a variety of projects and topics over the years! I worked in the book publishing industry for 20 years, editing and proofreading books, magazines, catalogs, and more. I often contributed complementary writing such as introductions, back cover and flap copy, and sales copy. As a freelance editor and proofreader in online and print media since 2012, I work on college application essays, book articles, resumes and cover letters, websites, marketing materials, magazines, annual reports, dissertations, correspondence, and more. Learn more about my experience here.

My Philosophy

I believe strongly that everyone should write their own college application essays, from their own experiences, in their own voice, without too much outside influence. My role as an editor is to help you craft a well constructed, memorable essay that showcases your best writing and shines with your personality. And of course your essay must be grammatically correct and error-free in the end. My proofreading services are intended to be the last line of defense to catch errors, correct grammar, fix punctuation, make sure style is consistent, and ensure your essay is perfect overall.