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Developmental and Editing Fees


(half-hour minimum)

In a personal consultation (either in person, by phone, or virtually), we’ll review your ideas together and make a plan for moving forward.

Once you’ve written the first draft, I will review it and provide you with feedback and suggestions. I’m available to work on revisions with you if you want to discuss and brainstorm together. Several rounds of revisions may be needed before your final draft.


Proofreading Fees

I charge a flat rate for proofreading.* 

Essays up to 250 words ... $50

Essays 250+ to 350 words ... $60

Essays 350+ to 650 words ... $75

Essays 650+ to 800 words ... $90

(Your essay is longer than that? Well discuss a rate.)

Rush fee: +$50

(24-hour turnaround)

*Sometimes more extensive copyediting is needed before the essay is ready to be proofread. In that case, I charge an hourly fee of $75.

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