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Which Service Is Right for You?
Development, editing, and proofreading are sometimes linked, but not always. Here’s an overview of the services I provide. You can hire me for any or all of them. (Pro tip: Typically my clients just hire me at my hourly rate and we work together on anything they need, no label required.) 
Developmental  Services

Having an expert opinion from the get-go can really help you get a handle on the process. Maybe you have a great idea but just aren’t sure how to get started. Or you may have several ideas and want some advice about which one is strongest. Or you’re just staring at the prompt with a blinking cursor on your otherwise empty screen. I’ll meet with you in person, by phone, or online to help you figure out how to proceed.

Editing Services

After you’ve selected your topic and eked out a first draft, what’s next? Editing your own work and making it fit into a predetermined word count is not easy, and it’s helpful to brainstorm with a pro to make sure you’re on the right track before you spend a lot of time rewriting. I’ll work with you to improve the structure and flow of the essay. I’ll give you feedback on how an admissions officer might view the content. What won’t I do? I won’t write your essay for you. I won’t alter your tone of voice. By the time we’re done working together, your voice will shine and your thoughts will be clearly expressed.

Proofreading Services
As you write and rewrite and tweak your own work, it can start to seem like the more times you read your essay, the less you really see it. Unfortunately, that’s when the errors sneak in. You need an experienced, professional proofreader with a set of fresh eyes and full knowledge of the ins and outs of grammar. I will proofread your college application essay to:

  • Ensure accuracy of spelling, punctuation, and grammar

  • Fix typos

  • Confirm style consistency and clarity

  • Flag omissions and inconsistencies


With the above tasks in mind, I will also provide light editing when necessary for logic or sentence structure (making sure to preserve your personal voice and style).

What Now?

Convenient Process: Google Docs or Word File

I’m happy to work with you using Google Docs or Word.


If you email me your college application essay file as a Word document, I will proofread it in Word using Track Changes so all my notes and corrections are visible to you. Then I will email it back to you in the same format.

The process works the same way if you prefer to work in Google Docs. Just invite me to edit the document, and Ill work in “suggesting” mode so the changes are visible. I’ll insert comments if I have any questions or comments for you to address.

Quick Turnaround

College application season is busy for everyone, and many of the deadlines hit at the same time. I understand the pressures of the application process, and I work quickly as well as accurately. When its time to proofread your essay, I strive to return it to you within three days. A rush fee applies if you require a faster turnaround than that.

A Final Look

If time allows, Ill be happy to give the essay a final look after youve made all the changes. In fact, Id love to. Sometimes errors are introduced when changes are made.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

I know that essay topics can be quite personal (in fact, some of the best ones are), and I will never discuss your essay with anyone. 

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